Preventative Chiropractic vs. Reactive Medicine

Back and neck pain is some of the most debilitating pain known to man. It can drop you to your knees, make you cry yourself to sleep, and paralyze you with fear; or simply nag you day-in and day-out and progessively get worse. The good thing is that most patients' pain is preventable, manageable and curable with chiropractic care. 

Dr. Molly Kallenbach manages Thrive Chiropractic near downtown Colorado Springs, CO. Dr. Kallenbach is committed to addressing the cause of your pain with a wholistic approach to the body, not just chasing your symptoms. The traditional medical model offers back pain patients drugs and surgery, while Dr. Kallenbach uses X-ray film to show her patients the cause of their pain and then she corrects the dysfunction in the spine and neck. She does this by manually aligning the spine, recreating the natural curves of the back and neck, correcting posture, and regenerating nuerological and muscular memory to retrain the brain to what "right" is. Most patients are out of pain within two weeks. 

Think of all the falls you've taken, the car accidents you've been in, the sports you've played and been hurt playing, the hours sitting hunched over in a chair typing away on a computer screen. These are some of the possible reasons your back is screaming at you. Just like your teeth and your car need regular maintanence to remain in tip-top shape, so does your spine and neck. No one is ever healthier by taking drugs or going through surgery, because neither of these options address the cause of a patients' ailment. But, they do work to reduce or eliminate symptoms...for a little while. Dr. Kallenbach believes the wise practice is to eliminate the cause, and as a result, the symptoms will disappear.      

If you are suffering from back pain, call Thrive Chiropractic, where you'll get to watch your spine align and curves come back into your neck and back. Fix the cause, and stay fixed, and you'll be pain-free and healthier for life. However, if you simply fix the pain, you'll find that the pain will find new places to pop up. We'd love to help you avoid the cascade of drugs and surgery. Simply call Thrive at (719) 475-8676 to schedule an intial exam.    



Sanjay Pandhare
02/03/2010 05:36

Great job done on such painful situation when some one catch "The efficacy and cost-effectiveness of maintenance chiropractic care are unknown. Although spinal manipulation can have serious complications in rare cases, chiropractic care is generally safe when employed skillfully and appropriately"

02/04/2010 05:43

Many people have back pain,this is a serious problem for aged people.Dr. Kallenbach have given a great advice. Preventing backpain without drugs is a good thing and help the people to live healthy. In this method there is no possibility for side effects. Curing the pain by eliminating the causes is great and simple one. Continue your service.

02/05/2010 15:13

I've been going to chiropractors for years and it is always fun to watch someone go from skeptic to believer. Way to go Dr. Kallenbach. You must be doing a great job!

02/06/2010 10:38

Well, I have back pain and until today I never knew about chiropractors. I am carrying this pain for past 7 or 8 years now, though I tried a bit of yoga, however, after few days it would start squeezing me. I must say Dr. Kallenbach the way you have presented your article it sounds really promising. Great job! and hope to visit and refer your sites to my friends who needs some advice......

Gurpreet Singh Dhaliwal
02/06/2010 10:41

Very few people used to believe that Chiropractors were anything more than quacks and witch doctors. A lot of people, even the well educated, still feel that pain, in any part of the body, can be alleviated only by drugs. But the old mindset is slowly, yet surely, changing thanks to the excellent work done by Chiropractors like Dr. Kallenbach. Chiropractic healing acquires critical relevance in the context of the break-neck speed at which we are forced to live our lives, leaving little precious time to care for our bodies.

02/06/2010 22:43

It is always horrible to have a back pain. I have myself experienced it several times. Dr. Kallenbach you have really changed the way people look at Chiropractors. It is worth giving a try for all the pain you suffer because of back aches. More soever because there are no side effects from this. A good job done by Dr. Kallenbach.

02/07/2010 08:47

I really liked the video since I can totally relate. Before I went to my chiropractor for the first time I thought chiropractors were not real medical docs. Since I've been going to a chiropractor my neck and back have felt great and it has helped alleviate my migraines.

02/07/2010 09:40

Thanks for providing the video as well as the article. I appreciate the personal attention that the website offers. I'll be moving to Colorado soon and while I'll miss my old chiropractor, I think I've found a new one!

02/08/2010 06:28

Its a great article and video i loved it so much information is given abt back pain its nice

02/08/2010 06:30

Thanks, because it provides the personal attention of peoples from this kind of pains. Well video describes us well as well as article.

Denise D
02/08/2010 10:55

Sometimes we don't think of everything we put our backs through these days. Now I can relate to why I have those little gnawing pains that come up.

02/10/2010 00:13

Thanks. it really helped me alot. I never knew chiropractors could be of such great help.

Syron Bowman
02/10/2010 04:03

Oh yeah, i discovered chiropractors after i had a hip injury from sports. They scanned my body and stuff and i was put under a program. I was skeptical at first too but after a few adjustments, the pain went away. I was really thrilled!

02/10/2010 06:12

What an article!! Nowadays most of the people including young ones also suffered with back pain. Mainly computer professionals including me also suffered. This article is very usefull to all. Without drugs preventing pain is a good thing. Thanks............

02/10/2010 10:34

This is a really great article over Colorado Springs Chiropractor! I never knew this much about it! Thanks for sharing this information!

Kathy D.
02/10/2010 10:43

I had a lot of neck pain from my job in desktop publishing. Chiropractic care helped me a lot! It's hard when you have to go back to work and do the same thing that caused the pain in the first place, so it's important to have chiropractic adjustments done regularly, and do the exercises.

02/10/2010 13:24

it good message to me as consultant with this video. And also thank to you.

02/11/2010 05:13

This is a nice article.I really appreciate with this video.This video is give us good message me as consultant.Thank you for giving this video.

Praveen Bhade
02/11/2010 12:05

Hey that was a nice video. Last time I went to a chiropractor was a couple of days back and my back and shoulders are still feeling so flexible and relaxed.

John Miller
02/12/2010 01:40

That's an excellent video and it really helped my back out a lot.

02/12/2010 02:28

What an excellent article and video, it really works, thanks

02/12/2010 03:34

An excellent concept of wholistic approach to relieve back pain. Very useful for people like me who works for long hours on computer. Thanks for the blog and the video. Keep up the good work. Uday.

02/12/2010 23:12

Hi! For all the effort you guys have put in, there's only one word for it 'GREAT', cause there are many people who are suffering from such ailment and didn't know where to go, this is a place where anybody can get first hand information and opt for treatment. Thanks again...

02/13/2010 00:28

It is a very nice article. And the cherry on the cake is that you have also provided a video with it. It has helped me a lot and I am sure that it will help many more people.

02/14/2010 08:52

Look at all the people you've paid to comment on your blog. You think anyone will wonder about all these Indian names?

02/15/2010 01:09

Its a nice video and informative about chiropractic .. cheers

Ramit Ramachandran
02/17/2010 03:37

Nice video about somebody who has her back pain gone. It is so refreshing to see such a video. Hope many more people are relieved of there back pain. Continue the good work.

02/17/2010 23:39

it is a very nice article. this is informative one and also video is good quality. thanks for your article.

02/18/2010 07:04

its a really nice article about maintaining your spine free from pain.It is really beneficial for the people who suffer from this.back pain is something which can put u on bed... so it is really a nice article to read.. and helpful too.

02/18/2010 07:07

nice article about back problem... and a video helps alot... good for the people with back problem.

02/19/2010 13:33

Hey nice site

Sucheta Malik Gambhir
02/22/2010 23:24

Truly a great video. Very informative and practical.Will recommend to a friend to friend who has a chronic back ache.Thanks

02/23/2010 08:50

Very handy,must helpful to me.Great video.Thanks you.I would appreciate.Really helpful.

Cristi Gorcea
06/07/2010 12:29

Thank you for sharing with us this fabulous video about chiropractors.I tryed myself also their techniques and i had always a fantastic experience

06/07/2010 19:32

its really amazing video on back problem and it helps people really. we will be very much thankful to you

06/07/2010 20:24

I am so glad that there is such a simple cure for neck and back pain which is known as chiropratice. The video you placed here is very informative and i for one thought that only english medicine can cure back pain but now i know there are better ways to cure you pains in your body without filling it up with drugs (medicines). Thanks for opening my eyes to see a better medical side of pains and their cures and effects.

06/07/2010 23:07

the above video is awesome. nowadays many peoples have a back problem.its very helpful to is very nice article.

06/07/2010 23:40

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Vijay Kumar
06/08/2010 03:30

The video about the chiropractors is really informative. Many of us suffer from back pain due to various reasons. This video provides much useful information regarding the problem. Thanks for share.

06/08/2010 04:06

It is really and important video to see and watch it .It shows the how back problem comes and how to cure it.I Like this video more.

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06/09/2010 23:30

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06/11/2010 10:44

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06/14/2010 06:16


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06/15/2010 17:54

Good job with the video its very interesting and usefull for people who do have many kinds of pain becouse every day we face things that can be really hard and all that affects human body

06/16/2010 10:07

What is a disease? It is nothing but our brainchild.In the video Dr.Molly tried to assure the lady that her pain was not in the spine but in the neck.This made my idea more strong.Wonder who ever thought of such a remedy without any medicines? Medicine has side effects but chiropractic has none.Its a painless way of getting rid of back pain.It should be made popular and my positive vote goes to chiropractor.

Jack Lindblad
06/16/2010 20:44

I think its true people dont worry about their back and dont take in to consideration that if they just took care of their back and visited the chiropractor, they wouldnt have issues. I like the video and I hope you keep up the good work

06/18/2010 01:04

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Ajesh Joy
06/20/2010 01:50

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06/21/2010 01:27

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suprita shome
06/21/2010 04:15

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06/22/2010 04:37

I was having a great problem for my back and was not knowing what to do at that time i got in contact with some yogis and they provided me knowledge of yoga and it helped me out so i am practicing it and it is much easier than what it is described in this video.

06/22/2010 08:42

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06/27/2010 22:51

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satheesh Kumar J
06/29/2010 23:57

Graet solution for the hard pain. Vedeo explains the remidy in a easy way.

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07/01/2010 17:56

This video is fantastic!

George Varanam
07/03/2010 05:19

While going casually on you tube i accidentally noticed this video. On seeing it fully I understood what I should do to eradicate the long back pain of my wife. She was suffering this for so many years. Such a treatment without medicine is really wonderful. Thank you Dr. Molly Kallenbach.

gaurav malhotra
07/03/2010 13:09

I really liked this video since i thought chiropractors were not real medical docs. It is very effective and useful video clips and very knowledgeable to all.

07/04/2010 11:35

this is very useful video educating about relieving back pain.Main thing is the treatment goes without using any drugs with side effects.Thanks doc! for your video.

07/06/2010 15:13

Wow, I've been debating on if I should go to the chiropractor. This womans testimonial has pushed me to actually pursue this treatment.

07/07/2010 12:21

Thanks, because it provides the personal attention of peoples from this kind of pains.It really helped me alot. I never knew chiropractors could be of such great help.

07/07/2010 21:16

This is very informative conversation video between two expert.Many people suffer back bone problem,this video is very useful for that person.

07/09/2010 09:49

really thank you very much for the video because it is very useful to the people who suffers from back pain Keep posting more videos like this in the future.Thank you Dr. Molly Kallenbach.

07/09/2010 21:28

Very useful video. I will recommend this video to other members. Thanks

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its was very nice video for those people who is suffering from the back pain ...i appreciate the video

Suchithra Magesh
07/10/2010 04:19

Thanks a lot. The information about the back pain was very much useful for me,because I have back pain. I came to know about many information.once again thank you.

07/11/2010 10:03

Hey, Nice Vedio, very usefull information on Chiropractor. I have learn a lot.

Roy Peters
07/12/2010 21:36

It is really wonderful to know about Chiropractic. The back pain and spinal cord are the worst pain in the world. I appreicate the presentation of Dr. Kallenbach, I loved to watch description and I want to follow with your suggestions.Millions of people have born fracture problems and it is a good remedy and best choice and I trust this is the best.

Musthah Ahamed
07/14/2010 05:19

The advice given by Dr. Kallenbach will be much useful for people who are suffering from neck pain and back pain. Nowadays as most of the men and women are running behind money they don’t find time for any rest and therefore with much pain they work continuously. The interview given by the Doctor will create confidence in the minds of people who suffer from this type of disorder. Instead of medicines as she is able to cure the pain using X-ray films, this is really a great boom for those who are running out of time to spend their schedule in hospitals. The interview is much clear so that everybody can make use of her treatment easily.

07/14/2010 08:07

Yes you must trust the awsome experience and never look"back" pains and the words of medical doctors are to be taken care of.

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07/16/2010 15:34

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GREAT JOB!most of the middle aged persons suffers from back-pains,and I also spend almost 8 hours a day infront of computer and back pain is always troubling me every night but this video would really helps.THANKS !thanks again for this very informatic video.

deepali chheda
07/21/2010 06:50

Thanks for the info i had been finding a solution for thsi problem since long time but as now i can rest on my back properly
thanks a lot

Neeraj Km Dubey
07/22/2010 13:25

Back Pain is a most painful damage in the body but Chiropractic like Dr. Molly has helped the patience in this field very much.

Athul James
07/23/2010 07:35

it is very informative and cool video.very useful for me.i will except this type more videos...

07/23/2010 23:33

It's very informative and cool video. Back Pain is a most painful damage in the body Thanks for finding solution from Dr.Chiropractic thank u so much.

07/23/2010 23:39

It is really a great job done by Dr. Kallenbach .It is really amazing to know that chiropractic healing acquires critical relevance. I think chiropractors can do a great job to provide relief to patient who are suffering from migraine

07/23/2010 23:40

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07/24/2010 00:06

I think that back pain is very common in people. It is because Life is going very fast. I enjoyed watching this video. It is very informational video. I am very thankful to Dr. Kallenbach. I loved to watch description about back pain. I had been suffering with it for a long time. I will follow the instruction given in this video.

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