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These just a few more of Dr. Molly Kallenbach's patients whose lives have been radically transformed by her and chiropratic:

"I was having lower back pain, and it was a chronic problem I had for many years. I had tried traditonal chiropractic, massage, and I'm a yoga instructor. I was so surprised that after having gone to chiropractors my whole life, no one told me I can regain my lower back curve, chaning the shape of my spine, and finding relief from constant pain.

I experienced changes right away after I began seeing Dr. Molly, and in the first couple weeks I was pain free!

I can now live a more active lifestyle, and I want to do more in my daily life because I feel better.

Dr. Molly is invested in helping you find relief and health. Her compassionate approach to whole-body health is very effective. Thank you Dr. Molly!"

- Sarah H.

"I first came to Dr. Molly because of long term back and neck pain and trauma. Before seeing Dr. Molly, I was medicating my pain and I saw another chiropractor. After seeing Dr. Molly, I've been surprised by her extensive knowledge of how to work with my body to bring healing; not just weekly adjustments. I feel hopeful again that I will be pain free and healthy!

My advice to someone new is, relax and enjoy being taken care of. Your in good hands. Dr. Molly has a sweet spirit and a gift to find the root of the problem."

- Kimberly B.

"I first came to Dr. Molly because I was having a lot of back pain and headaches from the back pain. I was using Tylenol to ride out the pain. I started seeing changes within a few weeks, and now I'm surprised with how few headaches I get now. I barely notice pain from my back whereas before I barely new what it was like to be without pain. In the past, I would get daily headaches, and now after only weeks of care, I get them maybe once a week.

My advice to someone on their first visit to Thrive is, don't think about the cost. I stayed away from chiropractors for so long because of the cost and I thought it wasn't that important. Your back can effect your body in so many different ways and it is very important to take care of it.

My only other comment is, Dr. Molly is great!"

- Laura A.

Why did you begin seeing Dr. Molly? Wellness? Pain? Injury? Explain.

- We originally began our chiropractic journey for my son Samuel who is living with Cerebral Palsy.
 He was struggling with integration sensory information and constipation. I was also experiencing neck pain and discomfort.

Have you seen results or changes by seeing Dr. Molly?

- Yes, my son is much calmer and able to integrate sensory information much easier.
 His stools are also much more consistent. When he’s irritable and not having a bm and he has an adjustment, he usually goes to the bathroom in the office within minutes of being adjusted.

What were your beliefs about chiropractic prior to coming? Have they changed any?

- I believed that chiropractic was beneficial, but not necessary.

What are your current beliefs about chiropractic, given your experience?

- I now believe that the maintenance and prevention of our spines are essential to our life long health.
What is your biggest take-away/learning lesson from your experience so far?

- I’ve learned to listen to my body and I’m much more in tune to the complaints of my children and what they need to stabilize their little ecosystems.

What advice do you have for new patients?

- That we are ecosystems.
 Every organ, bone and gland is working together to allow us to perform at maximum performance. It is necessary to stretch, eat clean and see your chiropractor regularly.

Would you recommend Dr. Molly to your friends and family, and if so why?

- I always recommend Dr. Molly to all my friends!
 Because, unlike previous DC’s I visited, she is interested in my entire ecosystem. She asks me what I’m eating…how much I’ve exercised…what my pillow is like…if I’m spending too much time sitting with bad posture…and she’s always passing off cd’s and books to educate myself more about how my body works.

Is there anything that we can do to serve you better?

- You are doing such an awesome job….thanks for praying over me and my chickens and for muscle testing us, even when we’re not aware!
 You’re awesome!

- Sarah C.

This female patient is a runner who was having pain while running and first came to Dr. Molly for pain in the knees, the back, neck and shoulders.  "In 6 weeks time, my pain has severely decreased.  Feel like a different person.  And I can run again, pain free!"  Her advice to future patients is, "Be willing to stick with the program and you will see change in time, it's worth the time and money."

- Rebecca



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