Preventative Chiropractic vs. Reactive Medicine

Back and neck pain is some of the most debilitating pain known to man. It can drop you to your knees, make you cry yourself to sleep, and paralyze you with fear; or simply nag you day-in and day-out and progessively get worse. The good thing is that most patients' pain is preventable, manageable and curable with chiropractic care. 

Dr. Molly Kallenbach manages Thrive Chiropractic near downtown Colorado Springs, CO. Dr. Kallenbach is committed to addressing the cause of your pain with a wholistic approach to the body, not just chasing your symptoms. The traditional medical model offers back pain patients drugs and surgery, while Dr. Kallenbach uses X-ray film to show her patients the cause of their pain and then she corrects the dysfunction in the spine and neck. She does this by manually aligning the spine, recreating the natural curves of the back and neck, correcting posture, and regenerating nuerological and muscular memory to retrain the brain to what "right" is. Most patients are out of pain within two weeks. 

Think of all the falls you've taken, the car accidents you've been in, the sports you've played and been hurt playing, the hours sitting hunched over in a chair typing away on a computer screen. These are some of the possible reasons your back is screaming at you. Just like your teeth and your car need regular maintanence to remain in tip-top shape, so does your spine and neck. No one is ever healthier by taking drugs or going through surgery, because neither of these options address the cause of a patients' ailment. But, they do work to reduce or eliminate symptoms...for a little while. Dr. Kallenbach believes the wise practice is to eliminate the cause, and as a result, the symptoms will disappear.      

If you are suffering from back pain, call Thrive Chiropractic, where you'll get to watch your spine align and curves come back into your neck and back. Fix the cause, and stay fixed, and you'll be pain-free and healthier for life. However, if you simply fix the pain, you'll find that the pain will find new places to pop up. We'd love to help you avoid the cascade of drugs and surgery. Simply call Thrive at (719) 475-8676 to schedule an intial exam.    

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    Dr. Molly Kallenbach, owner of Thrive Chiropractic

    "I experienced changes right away, and in the first couple weeks I was pain free!

    Dr. Molly is invested in helping you find relief and health. Her compassionate approach to whole-body health is very effective." 

    - Sarah Hogan, Yoga Instructor


    January 2010