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Colorado Springs Chiropractor Explains Back Pain

What would happen if you ran your pretty red BMW at 7 RPMs for 2 days straight? You probably wouldn't make it to 2 days, right? Your engine would burn up and you'd be out some serious cash. Why? Because the BMW was not made to operate at 7 RPMs except for in small infrequent bursts. To do so means you are not abiding by the owner's manual. 

The human body functions much like a machine. It can only operate within certain ranges for a certain amount of time. Go beyond those ranges and it breaks down. If you stop to think all the bad things that you've done to your body or that you have endured, you see that the human body is amazing in its ability to heal itself and adapt. 

These days, the public generally believes that you catch disease, that it is inevitable, and that you have no control over the situation. In fact, we are even being told that obesity is a disease, rather than the effect of a series of conscious and habitual decisions leading to eating more calories than you use. 

We tend to put back pain in the same category and the medical community attempts to treat it with drugs and surgery, addressing the symptoms, not the cause. 

When dealing with a general topic like back pain, it is impossible to be specific, so let's stick with generalities. For specifics, click the icon above to Set An Appointment. 

The human frame was made for certain natural functions. We were not made to get into car accidents at 70 miles an hour. We were not made to sit and type on a computer for six hours a day. We were not made to have a phone pinned between your ear and shoulder for three hours a day. We were not made to even wear shoes. 

These modern conveniences yield consequences in all areas of our lives, but especially our spines and necks. Over time, the spine can be re-molded to curves and angles that were never intended. The spine can be re-molded because it has a plastic quality. That is both bad and good news. It means the spine can both be injured and corrected.

If you eliminate the curve in your neck it puts extreme pressure on joints, discs, and nerves causing headaches, nausea, spasms, numbness, high blood pressure, dizziness and other conditions.  

Often, back pain comes from these curves being reduced, straightened and in many cases reversed. This can happen over time, or it can happen due to whiplash from a car accident, a hit in football practice or a horse riding accident.   

Generally, we cause our back pain by living a modern lifestyle. Most back and neck problems are preventable and correctable. To see what may be causing your back or neck pain, click on the link above to Schedule An Appointment. We look forward to seeing you.