Going beyond back pain with patients really came about out of necessity. I’d have patients come in with fibromyalgia, or they were 75 lbs overweight and their knees were hurting, or they had digestive issues rocking their world. 

I could adjust their spine and send them on their way, and this would help them tremendously, but these other problems create huge obstacles not just for their health, but for me helping them get get rid of back pain

What these patients needed was not just an adjustment. They needed their entire life aligned with the way they were designed to live. They needed to eat what the Creator intended them to eat, move like they were made to move, sleep like they were made to sleep and think of themselves and others like they should. 

The human body is an elaborate ecosystem with each cell, organ, and system effecting the rest. 

If you are 75lbs overweight, your intestinal track will be a mess, and there is no way your spinal curve will be correct due to weight distribution. If you are hooked on burgers, fries, and soda, your inflammation (what medical science now calls the "silent killer" and the number one cause of all disease) will be through the roof. 

I could not overlook these things, so I began introducing dietary changes with my clients, getting them off sodas, and other high sugar products. I taught them how to read labels, and to look for items like high fructose corn syrup, and aspartame, which is an excitotoxin. I have slowly introduced gentle dietary cleanses to help seal the gut and cleanse the liver and kidneys.  

I have found that re-educating my patients is a full time job in and of itself, and that it is a huge need. The public is generally mis-educated, and that is why I work to pump out a lot of good educational materials, like this, to discuss habits from sleeping and eating to what sort of deodorant is best for your body and where to buy local, organic produce and meat. 

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