It's amazing any of us make it to age 20 without crawling into a chiropractor. The body really is incredible in its ability to endure hardship. 

Birth is trauma, not just for the mother, but also for the baby. During delivery medical doctors, nurses, etc. often use very intense measures to extract a baby from the womb - suction devices, gribs, lots of twisting. 

Sometimes this is necessary for the mother and baby and many times it is not. Many times it is because in our modern era women deliver babies on their backs. 

Women used to deliver squating which is a very natural position that allows gravity to be on your side rather than against you. 

But the real issue is what does that do to the child and what are the long term ramifications? 

Children are maluable little wonders, but often the back pain and neck pain of adulthood could have been stopped at birth. 

I find that many babies' spines are twisted at birth and the muscles form around that. I highly recommends that babies be check after delivery as well as mothers, and I am happy to perform this service, as well as adjust mothers during their pregnancy. 

Getting chiropractic care during pregnancy and even delivery can relieve much of the pain, as well as correct or maintain babies' positions in the womb. 
Moving past delivery, children endure all sorts of injuries - a fall from a tree house, play ground follies, football, cheerleading (which at one point was putting up record numbers for sport injuries), auto accidents, and sitting in our school desks for 8 hours a day. 

The results of these lifestyle injuries can have huge ramifications that go beyond a hurt back or neck. The following is a written interview of Sarah C., a patient of Dr. Kallenbach Colorado Springs: 

Why did you begin seeing Dr. Kallenbach? Was it for general health? Pain? Injury? Explain.   

- We originally began our chiropractic journey for my son Samuel who is living with Cerebral Palsy.  He was struggling with integration sensory information and constipation.   I was also experiencing neck pain and discomfort. 

Have you seen results or changes by seeing Dr. Kallenbach? 

- Yes, my son is much calmer and able to integrate sensory information much easier.  His stools are also much more consistent.  When he’s irritable and not having a bm and he has an adjustment, he usually goes to the bathroom in the office within minutes of being adjusted. 

What were your beliefs about chiropractic prior to coming? Have they changed any?  

- I believed that chiropractic practice was beneficial, but not necessary.  

What are your current beliefs about chiropractic, given your experience? 

- I now believe that the maintenance and prevention of our spines are essential to our life long health.  

What is your biggest take-away/learning lesson from your experience so far?  

- I’ve learned to listen to my body and I’m much more in tune to the complaints of my children and what they need to stabilize their little ecosystems. 

What advice do you have for new patients? 

- That we are ecosystems.  Every organ, bone and gland is working together to allow us to perform at maximum performance.  It is necessary to stretch, eat clean and see your chiropractor regularly. 

Would you recommend Dr. Kallenbach to your friends and family, and if so why? 

- I always recommend Dr. Kallenbach to all my friends!  Because, unlike previous DC’s I visited, she is interested in my entire ecosystem.  She asks me what I’m eating…how much I’ve exercised…what my pillow is like…if I’m spending too much time sitting with bad posture…and she’s always passing off cd’s and books to educate myself more about how my body works.   

- Sarah C. 

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