Back Pain is a highly misunderstood issue for patients and doctors. 

Chiropractors are known for spinal adjustment of the spine, but the interesting thing is that back pain can often have nothing to do with the spine, and an adjustment is not the answer to the problem. 

The solution to back pain is definitely not a "one-size-fits-all" model. 

In fact, I've seen back pain in which nutrition was actually the issue. 

Did you know that your body can spasm due to a mineral deficiency? 

Did you know that organ pain can radiate from organs into the back? 

Just recently, I treated someone in which the solution to their back pain was an inexpensive bottle of magnesium. After I had them take magnesium, their back pain subsided within 24 hours.

Recently, I treated someone who's back pain is kidney pain, radiating into their back from the side-effects of prescription medication.

The point is, if you choose to come see this Colorado Springs Chiropractor about your back pain, I make a point to get to the source, the true cause. And though I adjust hundreds of people a month, that is not the extent of care at the Back Pain Institute - we go deeper. 

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